Online Assessments

When you teach a course online, you need a way to assess students’ MATLAB skills and mastery of learning objectives. MATLAB Grader lets you scale assessments and automatically grade MATLAB coding assignments in any learning environment. MATLAB Grader can be used for both formative assessments with automated feedback and summative assessments, such as quizzes and exams.

MATLAB Grader enhances student learning at Virginia Tech.

“MATLAB年级是一个有价值的教学工具,哈哈s allowed me to create and customize auto-graded problems that fit well with the learning objectives of my introductory programming course. More importantly, it has allowed my students to practice at their own pace and get instant feedback!”

Lina Battestilli, Ph.D., North Carolina State University

Integrating MATLAB Grader into Your Preferred Learning Environment

You can integrate MATLAB Grader into learning platforms such as Open edX, Blackboard Learn, D2L Brightspace, Instructure Canvas, Moodle, or Sakai, or any other learning management system (LMS) that supportsindustry standards. Outcomes from the automated assessments provided by MATLAB Grader are fed directly to your gradebook, giving you progress tracking and reporting in the tools you use every day for course management. Faculty and LMS administrators who have concerns about the collection of student data or need a solution that meets GDPR requirements are in control over what data to share—or not share—with MathWorks.

If you don’t have access to an LMS, you can still use all the assessment features of MATLAB Grader in a version that we host for you. If you have a current MATLAB license under maintenance, you canlog in and start using MATLAB Gradertoday. Your students will need a MathWorks account to log in and complete their assignments.

Introduction to MATLABzyBook

You can assign exercises using theIntroduction to MATLABzyBook, which includes an integrated MATLAB homework system. This web-based book presents a comprehensive introduction to MATLAB through interactive questions, animations, and automated MATLAB assessment using MATLAB Grader.

Assessment Content

It’s easy to start adding online assessments to your courses. You can review example problems provided by MathWorks for ideas on how automated MATLAB assessment might work in your curriculum. Another option is to use assessment items as is from ourMATLAB Grader problem collectionsto generate quick prerequisite exercises for your students and reinforce MATLAB skills before classes begin.

Our examples illustrate some best practices for how to design assessments, test for common errors, and write rich feedback for students to help them iterate and improve on their solutions.

Academic Integrity

Many instructors are concerned about exam integrity and use software solutions—configured by their schools’ technology support staff—to secure the virtual examination environment, measure code similarity, or detect instances of plagiarism and cheating in their courses. MathWorks products and services work alongside these solutions. Learn more about how you can use MATLAB Online, MATLAB Grader, and other cloud applications in conjunction withonline proctoringor tocreate solution reportsin ourDistance Learning Community.

Assessing Project-Based Learning and Group Assignments

Many courses have project-based assignments where one or more students create aMATLABor万博1manbetxproject,live script, orMATLAB appthat needs to be manually assessed. UsingMATLAB Drive, you can provide starter files, datasets, images, and functions through your LMS to help teams of students get started with their projects. Students then submit links to their completed projects through the LMS, allowing you to use the grading rubrics, feedback, and assessment tools you are familiar with to assign a grade to each member of the project team.